Are you searching for more bcast Studio? Please read through my bcast review before selecting it, to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of it. Is it worth your time, effort, and cash?

Well, we all know that anyone can create a Podcast,

But there's a big difference in creating a Podcast 😒and creating an Engaging Podcast 😎

There are 4 key things that you need to keep in mind to create an engaging podcast :

✅Marketing Channel
✅Good Music

However, bCast only fulfills the first 3 key things missing out on GOOD MUSIC – WHICH IS AN IMPORTANT ELEMENT…

I haven’t seen such a massive response ever!

No kidding!

With Podcast marketing on the boom, bCast Studio took Podcast marketing to the next level.

Marketers are going crazy over bCast Studio and if you don’t want to be left behind then you need to think of the Future or better BE THE FUTURE.

Everyone has a funnel builder, a membership site builder, an email autoresponder but they don't have a podcast hosting and marketing platform.

However, you don’t need to worry as this changes today!

Get your own podcast hosting platform and DFY beautifully designed & SEO optimized website with bCast studio.

Checkout bCast Studio live in action right here

bCast Review: exclusive features

bCast Studio is jammed with exclusive features that will help you reach broader audiences in every niche and make BIG fat commissions,

✅Start generating an ROI as soon as your podcast goes live
✅Maximise your exposure by combining your audio with your podcast image into a video
✅Get stunning DFY Podcast website that is fully SEO optimized and beautifully designed.
✅Monetize lead generated by Auto Optin by sending them emails to your clients
✅Generate written content from audio & add it to your website for Google to rank it higher
✅Restrict access to your podcast feed by inviting subscribers by email address only.

Well, there are always question arising from one user to another along the way,

So we thought why not answer all the questions and put them here?

bCast Review: FAQs

What exactly is bCast Studio?

bCast Studio, the world’s first all-in-one podcast marketing solution that helps by creating content, recording voice-overs, and hosting & sharing on TOP 20 podcast platforms

bCast Suite is a combination of 3 KEY software:

bcontent – helps you curate written content from YouTube
bVoice – turns this content into voice-overs, and
bCast – turns these audio files into podcasts. And then for good measure, syndicates it to multiple channels to drive traffic for you.

Why should I buy bCast Studio?

bCast is the world’s first platform to create, curate and promote podcasts for newbies and business owners, bCast lets you,

✅ Create Engaging Content Without Writing A Single Word (using bContent)
✅ Generate Audio With Text-To-Speech Convertor (using bVoice)
✅ Publish & Monetize Your Podcast (using bCast)
✅ Distribute Your Podcast To 20 Platforms With Just A Click (Spotify, Itunes, and more)
✅ Best Of All – No Special Skills Or Experience Needed

Check here how bCast Studio Works

How will bCast help me?

bCast Suite is the HOTTEST podcasting platform in the marketplace. But it doesn't just help you host your podcasts. There's more.

✅You can create content for your Podcast in 107 languages
✅Host your podcast on a beautifully designed & SEO optimised DFY podcast website
✅Generate FREE Traffic, Leads & Sales From Podcast Marketing
✅Auto Voice-Over your content into Podcasts using advanced A.I. Text-to-Speech app
✅Leverage 60-second setup to grow social engagement, traffic, and revenue

How can I trust bCast or rely on it?

Well, honestly as a marketer if you are not accepting the new trend, you will be left behind.

With bCast Studio, you can leverage Podcast marketing and take it to new heights because it’s that easy on bCast to create podcasts and host on other platforms.

Podcast advertising revenues are expected to surpass $1 billion in 2021, if you want to be a part of it, there is nothing close bCast in the market.

Check these awestruck features of bCast 😱😱😱

I don’t like bCast, it is not for me, what should I do?

You are protected by a 14-day full refund guarantee,
So you can test the product all you want…

And even then if you feel like you are not thrilled, all you need to do is simply come back and ask for a refund.

Is there any training included in the package?

When you purchase bCast today, you also unlock access to our 3-part bonus session series

In each session,
They will go deeper into bCast Suite, sharing with you effective ways in which you can monetize your social media marketing.

Win a FREE Copy of bCast Suite + $150 Credits


Benefits of bCast Suite:

  • You can join the group of smart marketers who are very much in podcasts in 2021.
  • You will be able to post your podcast on 20 top podcast sites including iTunes, Spotify, etc.
  • Can drive more traffic through the podcast.
  • Make your strong online presence through a custom podcast website.
  • Grow email list fast.
  • Make a strong relationship with your customer.
  • Start selling more products and services.
  • There is no recurring payment, only a one-time fee.
  • Create transcription.
  • Connecting with your autoresponder is easy.
  • For enormous possibilities, integrate with Zapier.
  • Built-in analytics is very powerful.
  • Adding paid ads and CTAs is easy with “Dynamic content insertion”
  • For more traffic, you can create a custom podcast page.
  • Build your strong follower list, who will trust you.
  • Start recurring income immediately.
  • Retargeting is possible by integrating google and Facebook pixels.
  • Create the highlight segment easily.

bcast Review: Early Bird Price Plan

bCast Review

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