How to create a blog on WordPress {Speed Optimized}

Today, I'm going to show you how to create a blog on WordPress in 2020 step by step in-depth. From Niche to Deploy WordPress and finally Live.

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​Create a blog on WordPress was the best decision of my life. It's all possible because I made the most important decision to start a ​blog and then monetize it.

It's taken me a lot of years to learn what works and what doesn't. Yet luckily for you, I've posted all my job tips and tricks.

So that you don't have to spend much money or time so that you can simply implement what works. Once you decided a Niche of your blog and create a site. the first step is to register a domain name and Hosting and Finally WordPress Installation.

​Find Niche​ {Topic of your Blog}

​What most people don't realize when blogging, when it comes to finding a niche, it's not just finding something that you're passionate about right now.

It's what you're serious about in the long run, too.

Talk of what you're in love. Before you go out and create a blog, make sure you're able to do it for the next 10, 30 years.

After making a Decision for Niche of your blog , the next step is buy a domain with your niche keyword inculded.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is the Internet URL. The URL at which users of the internet can visit your website.

​Now the domain extension ".com" is more suited to the global audience. But when you hit a particular country, like the case of India.

If you're addressing the Indian audience, then instead of going to the .com domain extension, you're going to the .in domain extension.

Like in my case, my website address is: “”. Because I’m targeting the Global audience.

So instead of going for a “.in” domain extension, I went for the “.com” domain extension.

In the same way, let's say if you're hitting India. Then your domain extension will be.".in "So, in my case, my friend's website is about Indian Defense.


Now, after a domain name, you need a hosting to start a website.

What is a web hosting?

Web hosting is a place where organizations or people may upload websites or blogs on the Internet. Store all your things, your website also needs some space to hold all your files and folders.

A website is nothing but a list of files and folders made by a domain name service.

So every time you think about starting a blog, you need two things, the first is the domain name, and the second is the website hosting.

But, any time you buy a website hosting, you're actually buying a server space.
So now there are a number of companies offering domain hosting.

Like SiteGround, BlueHost, A2hosting.

So these businesses have huge servers. You're just paying a monthly charge for using any space on these networks.

So every time we talk about shared web hosting, you actually take some server space from the site.

Since running the entire server is going to be very ​Costly, shared hosting is the answer for all those who want to launch a domain at a very cheap price.

What is Free Hosting & Why Avoid it ?

Let's talk about the free hosting right now.

free hosting are always favored of people . So they wonder, too, why pay for the hosting, when they can get it for free, right?

Yet one thing you have to remember, nothing is free in this world.

Yes, there is free hosting. But they've got their limits.

Their negatives are real, they're not worth it. Especially when you're ​create a blog on WordPress for make money.

You need an extra boost to beat the competition.

So if you're create a blog on WordPress for make money, you need to invest in paying infrastructure. Online hosting services like Blogger or Wix have certain restrictions.

You can not configure your website as you want, there will be a subdomain instead of the primary domain, and, worst of all, there will be no technical support.

Since you're starting a new website, you're going to face challenges sooner or later.

You're going to face challenges like installing WordPress, another software doesn't work, free SSL doesn't Support or maybe the website doesn't work.

It's where professional hosting companies come into play. They've got people to help. You can contact them, you can live chat with them, and they'll solve your problems in a couple of minutes.

But there's nothing like this with free hosting.

So actually, after designing 10+ ​blog on WordPress, I'm going to recommend that you move away from a free hosting and instead spend a few dollars in a paid hosting package.

Since you are spending time and energy on this create a blog on WordPress, and the end goal is to make money from your website, you need to spend a few money in a paid hosting package.

“Spend Like A Beggar And Invest Like A King”​​​​​

With my 2 + years of experience in blog on WordPress, the one advice I would give you is to spend a few money in a paid hosting package so that you can overcome the rivals and generate a lot more traffic so that you can make a lot more money for your blog.

With the paid hosting plan, you'll get unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. You can drive as many people to your website as you want.

Even, instead of thinking regarding installing WordPress or other technical difficulties that I'll talk about later in this article.

there's an one click download for everything. all you need to do is click on a few icons and everything will be installed automatically.

And the most important reason for going to a paid hosting plan is the support staff.

Until now, after launching 15+ websites for myself and my customers, we still face problems. And the only thing I've got to do is go to the support staff.

I'll tell them my question, and in a few minutes, it's all solved. Yet paying hosting services used to be ​​Costly earlier​. but, they are extremely cheap now.

If you're create a blog on WordPress like the way I tell you, you'll be making money out of your business in a matter of months. added, your blogs can also become SEO and Speed optimized.

So the hosting company that I'm recommending is SiteGround.

This is the service that I use and all of my affiliate ​blog, Customer blog/websites ​are hosted by the same hosting company.

Then I tested almost all of the hosting companies out there. It's GoDaddy, it's BlueHost. I've seen all of them.

Yet my search finished at SiteGround, the hosting company is phenomenal.

​Create a blog on WordPress in 2020

I'll teach you everything you need to know about how to buy your hosting, how to configure your theme, how to get premium plugins and software for free, and how to configure your website like a pro.

If you're using my affiliate link to purchase the hosting, then we're giving you 2 amazing things for FREE.

So first of all, this is the GeneratePress theme, this theme is already free, but its premium option is $49.95.

This is the theme I use for all of my ​​blog on WordPress, the reason is that this theme is ultra lightweight and very easy to use, very user-friendly and also very Google search engine-friendly.

Therefore the website would score at a much higher rate than your rivals. So we'll give you this $50 theme for free if you use my referral link to buy the Site Ground hosting and send us your hosting receipt.

And the second amazing thing we're giving away is the WP Rocket plugin. This plugin will make your website ultra-fast and your website will be loaded at lightning speed.

And the best part of this plugin is that it's so simple to use, you don't need to have some technical knowledge of ​​How to create a blog on WordPress with Speed Optimized.

All you need to do is just click on the plugin and your website will automatically load at a very, very fast pace.

Just one domain license for this plugin is also $49. So we'll send you this plugin along with this premium theme for free if you're using my referral link to buy the SiteGround hosting.

So to claim this theme and plugin, all you have to do is click on this button. 

And once you click the link, you will be redirected to the Site ground site.

I've also mentioned why I'm recommending SiteGround Hosting. And why this is the best hosting site for create a blog on WordPress in 2020.

However I wanted to go to the health niche.

I'm searching for the domain name, "​​besthealthproducts[dot]in .

The reason I'm going for the .in domain extension is that I want to target the Indian market.

If you're going to".com" then you'll be hitting both the global audience and the US market. Therefore, if you're targeting the Indian market, go to the .in domain extension, if you're targeting the US market, go to the .com extension.

once you visit SiteGround hosting all you have to do is… there are 3 plans. There’s a StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan and there’s a GoGeek plan.

Make Website For Affiliate Marketing

The primary difference between the 3 is that the StartUp package is the cheapest but only 1 website can be created on a single hosting site.

So let's imagine after a few months, you want to build two to three more websites. Instead, for each new website, you need to buy a new hosting service. That's the weakness of the StartUp package.

But if you're going with the GrowBig plan you can create unlimited websites on a single hosting site. As it says, there are unlimited websites. The bandwidth of this hosting is also really high. This makes it easy for the website to manage 25.000 visitors every month.

​I'm going to give you this impressive WP-Rocket plugin and this incredible lightweight theme, and if you're running both of these themes on your hosting, you can easily handle 100,000 visitors a month.

Because I've been using SiteGround for a number of years now, I know... and I've used the GrowBig plan as well. and my website was able to handle 100,000 visitors a month. the one I'm considering is GrowBig.

You can go to GoGeek, but it's going to be too expensive for you. Or if you're just a beginner then GoGeek isn't right for you, go with the GrowBig plan. So click here to get a plan

So now you've decided to find a new domain name, I've opted to go to the ​healthproducts niche because the profitability is really high.

I've wanted to go to the ​healthproducts niche for the blog, just for the test reason, because I'm not trying to scale this site, but it's just going to show you how to create a blog on WordPress.

So let's search for a suitable domain name. "​besthealthproducts". I'm going with the .in domain extension. Because-I'm approaching the Indian audience.

One advice I will give you is in your domain name, make sure you have a tag or niche ​included with keyword.​

So my category or niche on my blog is ​thealthproducts, so I've added the word "​" to the domain name. Because this will also help to improve the website's SEO or search engine later.

So if your website is about Mobile, make sure you have "mobile" in your domain name. Like,  "" or something like that.

So now, I'm going to buy this hosting plan.

Make Website For Affiliate Marketing

One thing you need to keep in mind is that there's a "SG Site Scanner" tool in SiteGround, you don't need it.

Apart from that, for the data center, take the data center that is closest to your target audience.

And our target will be in India, and Singapore is the nearest data centre. This is where all of the files are stored.

But if you're hitting the US market, go to the Chicago Data Center because it's supposed to be closest to your US audience.

In the same way, if you're going to Europe or anything else, you can choose the appropriate data center. Since we're going to target India, I'm choosing would go to Singapore.

Website For Affiliate Marketing-Siteground

So I bought the domain name, "​," so now let's configure the website, install WordPress, and set it up as a pro.

And I'm also going to show you how to claim this premium theme for free and also this paid plugin for free.

So in the email you used to buy this hosting, you must have received an email from SiteGround to access the account. 

What you need to do is send ​that email to my email ID, which is [email protected]" and just write down, "create a blog on WordPress  by Gobloggingz" and send it to me.

Once I see this hosting receipt and see that the sales have been made from our affiliate link. I'll send you a paid theme and a paid plugin, and I'll also show you how to install both of these on your website.

How to Configure a blog on WordPress

Go to your SiteGround account, open it. there are three options.

  • “Start a new website”
  • “transfer a website”
  • “don’t need help now”.

So start a new website, we don’t have to Transfer a website.

If you already have a domain on another server, such as GoDaddy Server, HostGator or BlueHost. I highly recommend you guys to move to SiteGround because this will actually improve the free traffic of your website,

which is the SEO of your website, and will drive a lot more traffic.

I'm going to choose, "I don't need any help right now", because I'm going to show you all, how to set up manually.

And you don't need this SG web scanner that's not worth it, so confirm, and confirm ... and complete setup. 

Here below image, this is the core of your SiteGround hosting, and this is how it appears, there are a lot of options here that you can increase the storage, here's the billing here you can enter the support tab if you have any queries and few Perks as well.

siteground home-Make Website For Affiliate Marketing

the first thing you need to do is go to the "My Account" area. there's the full details of your hosting account and domain name.

There's you will see domain name, and these are the other details of  hosting. Like IP address, DNS, etc. So all you have to do is click "Go to cPanel" and "Yes, go on."

These are the details of your entire hosting profile. like the domains you've added the files can access the files here.

You can do any configuration that you need to do on your ​blog on your hosting site.

It's time to install WordPress on your domain name. So the way to install WordPress is by clicking over on WordPress. Click to install

Siteground My Account

During installation, There's a domain name, a directory you're going to keep clean. Make sure your password is strong as well. Add your main email to the admin email.

And click on, install.

So now the WordPress is being installed. one positive advantage of buying the SiteGround hosting that you get it-that you can get the https certificate for free.

P.S  Find Let's Encrypt in my Account section Install it in your domain The SSL certificate has been installed. 

Now Login in your blog with username and password that you entered during installation time. {link =}


Therefore, this is the back-end of your website, where you'll be customizing the whole theme inserting plugins modifying the layout of your website, changing the look of your website, installing recommended plugins, themes, etc., and everything else.

Now let's add a gorgeous theme on your website that's lightweight.and as I said earlier, if you're using my referral link to buy your SiteGround hosting and submit us your hosting receipt, we'll give you this paid theme for free, this GeneratePress for free.

So all you have to do is, after you give us your hosting confirmation, I will respond to the files of this theme on the same email

So what you've got to do is go to themes >> Appearance theme section
Click add new >> upload theme >> choose file and "" select, open and activate now.

I'll send you the ZIP file in the email reply to the hosting receipt that you sent me. Once this theme is activated, press "Activate."

And you also need to install one more thing to get the premium features of this theme.

So select Plugins, click Add New >> Upload Plugins, select File I'll give you this specific "", click Open and click Install Now. And click on the plugin to activate it.

After you do so, you will also be able to access the premium features of this ​theme like all the premium plugins that come up with it.

So you're going to be able to get the $50 theme for free. I'm also going to give you the license key for this theme

All you need to do is copy the license key here and save it. And you'll be able to receive updates to this theme in the future as well. Show the below image.

gp-premium-Make Website For Affiliate Marketing

So I'm not going through any of the modules you want to activate or deactivate.

Some stuff that I'm suggesting is probably the blog section, switch it on.

Activate copyright-and this depends on you, what kind of functionality you want from your theme.

The more modules you activate, the slower your website takes.

So try to keep your modules as low as possible and keep them as low as possible.

So now let's install the WP Rocket I was telling you about. How to make your website incredibly fast so if you use my affiliate link to buy your hosting and give us your hosting receipt.

So we're going to give you the ZIP file for this particular theme. I'm also going to give you the ZIP file for the WP Rocket plugin

So to install this plugin, go to plugins and add new plugin >> upload plugin >> choose file… I will be sending you this ZIP file, select it >> install now >>activate plugin.

Buying SiteGround Hosting, installing a single plugin called SG Optimizer Optimizer helps to make the website quicker.

But I've seen from my experience that whenever you install WP Rocket, WP Rocket makes your website much faster than the SG Optimizer. deactivate the SG Optimizer plugin and just keep the WP Rocket.

Go to WP Rocket, click Settings, go to the cache section, enable "mobile device caching", "file optimization", "Minify HTML," "Remove query strings​" and "Minify CSS" to activate. "Minify JavaScript" "Load JavaScript deferred "Combine JavaScript"

Now these are all the options that enable your website incredibly fast.

Apart from that, you will also need to add a couple more plugins that will really support you on your website. So go to Plugins > > Add New > > Rank Math SEO plugin, Active it.

Make Website For Affiliate Marketing-rankmath

My friend{Umer Qureshi} has given a very good review a​​bout Rank Math and its setup process too. You read them and configure it.

Install this RankMath SEO plugin that is extremely important, and activate the plugin as well. And you've got to add another plugin that's the contact form.

There are now a couple required pages that you need on your domain, whenever you are making an blog and Specially when you submit your blog in google Adsense. You need a "terms of service" page, "Privacy Policy page and a disclaimer page.

Only look at the  different websites and get an idea to create all three pages.

Final Word

I highly recommend that you guys watch some of the YouTube GeneratePress tutorials.

In the End, I hope you this How to create a blog on WordPress Post will help you. Read my another post that about build a backlink for your blog. 

The best recommendation I would give you is to follow​ your competitor's blogs, get some suggestions and replicate them.

If you liked this post, please share it because I wrote this post to help you after doing a lot of research and experimenting with myself. 

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