9+ Secrets About Email Marketing Only A Handful Of People Know

​An effective ​Email marketing should have good open, click and conversion rates. Indeed, it is the solution to interact more with your leads and customers and to sell more.

Email Marketing is one of the most complex aspects of Digital Marketing, as it includes different types of content:

  • Reminders for events,
  • questionnaires,
  • educational information and
  • promotions.

for example.

Newsletters are not simple informational emails. On the contrary, they aim to generate leads.

For this reason, they promote interaction and result in a solid subscriber base. Without a doubt, the work is worth it!

Are you in charge of this task and your first newsletter must be out tomorrow?

​I'll help you by revealing 10 secrets to creating an effective ​email marketing strategy​.

1. Make an assessment

​Do not waste time creating a newsletter if it is not suitable for your Marketing strategy. To see if this is a need, do a search first.

In your business area, are there references to good newsletters that people subscribe to?

  • What content do they include?
  • With the resources at your disposal (budget, time and internal support), can you create an effective newsletter?

Also reflect on the company's objectives:

  • Want to get more leads?
  • Do you want better quality leads that can be hired by the sales department?
  • Do you want to close more deals?
  • Do you want to keep current customers?

Do not waste time creating a newsletter if your results are not aligned with the company's objectives. In that case, choose to work content for the blog or implement an efficient CRM software.

Let's assume you have concluded that creating a newsletter is good for your business. What's next?

2. Define what type of newsletter you want to send

​Avoid creating a newsletter that talks about everything related to your company.

One of the most common mistakes is sending newsletters that don't have a focus.

So, think about what you want to convey: communicate new products, share news about the company or spread blog posts,

for example. just choose a focus of interest and communicate it in the newsletter, without dispersing your attention to other subjects.

3. Balance the content so that it is 90% educational and 10% promotional

​Your newsletter subscribers do not always want to read content about your products.

Sending emails focusing only on discounts, promotions and opportunities can tire consumers.

Therefore, when creating a newsletter, give up promotional content and invest in educational and current content about your business area.

Sporadically, surprise your leads with a promotion or opportunity.

4. Create expectations on the subscription page

​Remember that it is nice for subscribers to know what they can count on when filling out an online form. So, on the subscription page, insert a preview of the newsletter. ​

​In addition, tell visitors what they will get with the subscription and how often they should expect to receive emails.

Once the content is defined, live up to the promise made and communicate what you are committed to.

5. Be creative in the subject of emails

​Even if people subscribe to your emails, there is no guarantee that they will open them when they receive them.

Some marketers try to increase familiarity with subscribers by keeping the subject of the email. But these phrases cease to arouse curiosity and end up losing strength.

The best strategy, then, is to use a different, creative and appealing subject whenever creating a newsletter.

But remember that the subject of the email must be aligned with the content.

6. Define the most important call-to-action (CTA)

​What makes an email a newsletter is the ability to present diverse content with multiple CTAs.

But that does not mean that everyone should have equal importance.

When creating a newsletter, define a prominent CTA. The rest must appear “in disguise”.

The most important message in the newsletter (for example, reading a blog article or forwarding the email to a friend) should be the easiest and quickest to recognize.

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7. Bet on a minimalist design and structure

​Sometimes emails look like a mix of topics. The tricks to reverse this situation are to create a concise text and include white spaces in the design.

The newsletter is a kind of sample, so it should only present enough content for subscribers to want to see more.

Thus, the concise text is a key factor. You certainly don't want your subscribers to read the email all day.

The goal is to direct them to a landing page (on the website or blog), where they can read the full content.

Leaving blank space is also essential, as it helps to alleviate the full and confusing appearance of newsletters.

Furthermore, on mobile devices, it makes clicking on a link easier.

8. Make sure your images have Alt Text

​If visual content is extremely important in Digital Marketing, it makes sense to use it in emails, right?

When creating a newsletter, keep in mind that viewing images can be complicated.

Sometimes, people don't have this option enabled. So use Alt Text or alternative text.

It is a textual alternative that appears when images are not viewed or uploaded in an email. The feature gains special relevance if your CTA's are images.

Each Email Marketing tool is different. Check if the platform you use allows you to put this tip into practice.

9. Don't make it difficult to cancel your subscription

​It may seem counterproductive, but it is essential if you want to maintain a base of active and interested subscribers. When creating a newsletter, avoid using concealed language or hiding the unsubscribe button in an image without Alt Text.

Having a good list of subscribers helps you maintain your credibility. Additionally, it prevents your emails from being marked as SPAM.

10. Test, test, test

After implementing the advice ​I gave you above, you should try to understand what works best for you. 

Different subscribers ask for different newsletters (in the subjects, in the types of content, in the frequency of sending, among other aspects).

So, use these good practices as a starting point and then try to find your secret ingredient.

​Final Word: email marketing secrets

I hope you like this ​email marketing secrets. Please Must Read our Top Post: How to Start A WordPress Blog Has The Answer To Everything

​If you want to ask any additional questions, contact us or leave us your comment. We will be happy to answer your questions.​

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