how to get on google first page for free

You’ll learn how to get on google first page for free so that you can get tons of free organic traffic.

93 % of internet activities begin with internet search engines like google and 33% likelihood of becoming clicked that will be just one google initially web page meaning

if you are maybe not number 1 or into first page , you missed traffic that is potential.

What is more surprising is the fact that 75% of men and women won’t click the 2nd page of their search.

Getting found in Google isn't a huge deal, however rank for that ideal keywords is.

The good thing is: if you follow these powerful SEO tips, google search rankings will be eligible on the first list.

Wanna rank #1 on Google? I'll show you in this post the exact SEO technique I used to rank on Google's first list.

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When you keep reading this post until the end, you'll also find out about a little secret for How can you Get On The First Page Of Google rankings instantly even if you're a beginner.

But here's one note!

Unless you're following every SEO tip I'm sharing in this post, you're not going to rank the First Page Of Google.

Because Google's ranking algorithms function on more than 200 rankings criteria so knowing each of these SEO tips will increase your chances of ranking #1 Google

Earlier time , the optimization of the search engine and Get On The First Page Of Google is easy just doing this like,

You choose a target keyword, put a keyword in the blog title,in the slug URL, in the first 100 words or in the first paragraph of the article, in the alt text of photos, in the meta description, then do keyword stuffing up to 4-5%.

And your article will start ranking On The First Page Of Google in just a few weeks.

But the problem with that was: several people started spamming the web and then Google had to implement algorithms to penalize certain web pages that didn't offer any value and just ranked in Google with keyword stuffing.

SEO has changed a lot in the last few years after continuous algorithm improvements in Google.

Keyword stuffing doesn't work any more now.

If you don't know, Keyword Stuffing: is basically putting your target keyword unnaturally in your article multiple times.

So what powerful SEO tips are useful for search rankings in Google?

Well, here is the step by step strategy to rank, I'm going to tell you Simple Guidance For You In How To Get On The First Page Of Google.

1. Improve your page loading speed

Fast Loading the page is very important if you want to Get On The First Page Of Google.

Research shows that 40% of visitors will leave websites if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load and 80% of those visitors will not return to the website. 

This is dreadful for your SEO ranking because it ultimately kills traffic to your site.

Yes, if your website's speed is good, then visitors to the website will spend their time for a long time and organic search may increase new visitors turning up.

How website Speed is measured?

So say its an online tool or website that gives you an idea of your site's overall speed, even if it's slow. Why is it slow? All the answers you will get.

The name of the website is GTmetrix: it will show you how quickly your website is loading?

Here example of My Friend's blog. SANTANU DEBNATH, His Website score is 100/100 in GTMetrix.

Must Read and Get GTMetrix Score 100/100 : Improve WordPress Website Speed

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There are multiple reasons like, if you had bought shared hosting, Nulled WordPress plugin, Nulled WordPress theme, images not optimized, unnecessary CSS & jQuery and more…

You can also use a cache plugin like WP-Rocket, W3 Total Cache. for Solving Problem in GTMetrix or Pingdom.

If your website speed is slow due to server, and Server has already been purchased then transfer to a server optimized for high speed. Because if you want Get On The First Page Of Google then that's very important. Which they can't ignore.

I strongly recommend that you buy Bluehost hosting. (Best for Beginners)

Remove unnecessary WordPress plugin, used Pro/Paid plugins. One thing to remember is never compromising with the free WordPress plugin.

Maybe some High rated plugins were good but not all. You have to invest some money on plugins if you were serious about get on google first page

Site Speed: What SEOs Need to Know by Google

2. Optimize Your Images

Yes, optimized images can increase your website loading speed and get on google first page for free & Quickly.

We think that our site is awesome with the high-quality image placed, but it's very wrong thinking if you only focus on image quality.

I am not telling you to put images of low quality on your site. In fact, images are one of the SEO ranking factors nowadays.

So actually what to do? The simple answer is that use optimized images + non-copyrighted also.

An optimized image is a compressed size compared to the original image size without losing image quality.

Yes! Quality image.

I used I compressed the image with that website and after uploading it on the server.

One more Free WordPress plugin is also good for it. This is short Pixel image compression.

It automatically compresses your uploaded images and then uploads also compressed during uploading.

Google Chrome Developers : optimize image compression

3. Decide what kind of keywords you want to rank

The first step to get on google first page for free is: find keywords that you want to rank

A search term which people type in Google is essentially a keyword.

When people say that Google is #1, they want to be seen in Google at the top, but it is interesting that they don't even know for which keywords they want and what #1 is meant by that.

You want to put #1 for your brand name as the search term in your locality,

for example, if you are a local business in India. But when you try to rank your Google US website No.1

it would take your time and resources to lose because people in the United States won't buy from your physical shop in India.

An easier option would be to simply build a Google Business page, request ratings and, reviews from your local customers and boom! within a week, you will begin ranking #1 for your brand name in Google.

It's very easy and it can be done easily even by an SEO beginner.

Nevertheless, if your brand is not very famous, very few people in Google are likely to seek your brand name.

There would, therefore, be a better idea: seek to identify your potential customers for keywords that apply to the problem that you are solving.

Once you have the perfect keywords that you want to rank with, it's time to check your competition and weed out irrelevant keywords.

Selecting the right keyword is like winning half a war. So make the keywords you choose very precise.

You can also expand your list of keywords by searching for LSI keywords and adding them to create even more detailed article.

The next move on Google's lead is to check for the same keyword in Google and evaluate the top 10 search results for this keyword once you have the keyword you'd like to evaluate.

Try to understand the reasons behind these web pages ' first page ranking.

See the site authority, design and user interface, page speed, and other factors like what topics they cover about the keyword, how long and through the article is, etc.



Enter your target keyword in Google and check the top 10 ranking articles.

CASE 1: If these articles are list post then there is a clear indication that Google wants to give higher ranking to a List post. So, you should also create a list post around that topic.

CASE 2: And if all the ranking articles are How to guide then you should understand that Google wants to show How-to Guide for a particular keyword. So, you should create a How-to Guide for that Keyword.

Tip by : Sumit Sao founder of

4. Write a High Quality blog post

Once you get the idea, it's time to build a monster blog post about the topic. I mean, by monster post, create something more compelling, cover all the keyword topics and be detailed.

For example,

say you want to rank for the keyword “get more blog traffic” then you need to break down each and every topic about this keyword like what is blog traffic, how to get blog traffic, free or organic ways to get more blog traffic.

Note: Get targeted traffic for free in Any Niche? from sites like Quora, Medium, Pinterest, etc.

You got the idea, right?

Well, SEO is queen but the content is still the king.

5. Promote your blog post

Promote everywhere your blog post.

You can produce the best content out there but nobody will read if you don't promote it.

The social promotion has been scientifically proven to have a direct correlation with the Google search rankings.

In reality, I myself used Facebook and other social media sites to promote my articles in the early days and later, many of those articles started ranking

In case you wonder, there are several reasons why the promotion of social media helps in higher search rankings.

(1) You get more eyeballs, which means more chances for your article to be read, liked, shared and needless to say that social engagement is a very crucial sign for Google to rank.

(2) As people spend time reading your article, it gives Google a positive signal that your content is fantastic, which is why people spend time reading it and posting it.

So use your exposure to whatever social platform you have, and share as much as you can!

Because the larger your social engagement, the higher your odds of reaching #1 in Google.


6. your unique specialty can get on the first page of Google

Yes! focus the blog on very specific topics can get on the first page of google in very easy.

The reason I highlight this is: Recently Google launched the EAT algorithm.

EAT stands for: E - Expertise,  A - Authority and T - Trustworthiness

If your blog is about tech gadgets and you started to write about medicines all of a sudden, then Google will penalize your site and may also demote your site rankings.

It's because,

1) you're a computer person and you don't have medicines experience
2) you're not a pharmacy specialty leader and
3) your medicinal diagnosis is untrustworthy.

It is the responsibility of Google to ensure that someone who is not trustworthy is not ranked #1 for medicines otherwise they will harm the health of people searching for Google more.

So it's quite clear Google wants you to be an authority on the subjects you're thinking about.

One way of proving your authority is by simply creating more articles on related and similar subjects.


"get to the top of google search results "

  • Understand basic SEO concepts and key terms
  • Add and verify your website with Google Search Console
  • Add and verify your website with Bing Webmaster tools
  • Setup Google Analytics and learn how to use basic SEO reports
  • Check for Google penalties

Final Word: how to get to the top of google search results

Until I reveal the little SEO secret that I shared earlier, the question of the day: What SEO tips do you most like? Let me know in the comments below

Now, it's time to uncover a little secret SEO hack to boost your search ranking instantly.

So as promised at the start of this post, here's the answer - Whatever place you rank in Google Search at the moment, you can immediately improve your search ranking by attaching a related video to your blog.


This is because now, videos are a trendy thing on the internet. Videos lift effort. So when you attach a link, it will immediately increase the time spend on your page, because users will also be watching videos reading your posts.

Suppose the video is longer than 5 minutes, people spend about 5 minutes on your page. Therefore, raise the engagement of your viewers.

Thus a greater hold of viewers would definitely give you an unfair advantage over the competition

Simply search YouTube for relevant video, and insert it into your article. It just takes 2 minutes.

You can attach anybody's video, the video linked to your content you won't be penalized.

You must have seen in this post that I've included videos related to the topic.

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