Proven Ways To Get Targeted Traffic [Free Method]

how to get targeted traffic for free in Any Niche?

Obtaining Free Site Traffic Isn't Simple.

Well, That Is Only True If You Rely Upon Long-Term Traffic Sources Such as Search Engine Optimization for Google Search - That by the Way, Is Unquestionably a Fantastic Traffic Source to Get Free Traffic.

However, SEO Takes Some Time, Just How Can You Get Targeted Traffic for Free Quickly?

Well, There Are a Number of Fantastic Site Traffic Sources That Will Enable You to Get Free Traffic.  and That Is Something That You'll Find Out in This Proven Methods to Get Totally Free Targeted Traffic Quickly.

Hi Blogger, Pradip Nalwaya from Here and Welcome to Another Blogging Post.

You'll Learn About Proven Ways to Get Real Free Traffic to Your Website in This Article. and If You Keep Reading This Through to To the End, You'll Also Get to Learn About a Little Chrome Secret Extension That Will Help You Get About 100,000 Visitors to the Website a Month.

Now Let's Get Going, Without Further Delay!

The First Source of the Traffic to Receive Free Website Traffic of High Quality Is Medium

Medium - Get smarter about what matters to you

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Medium Is an Online Blogging Platform, Where Blog Posts Can Be Written and Published.

Then, What's More, Awesome About Medium Is: It's a Very High Authority Site, So If You're Writing a High-Quality Article Online, the Post Will Rank Very Well and Get a Good Chunk of Free Targeted Traffic.

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but That Traffic Just Comes into Your Medium Post.

You Might Wonder How You Can Divert This Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website, So You Can get free targeted traffic generator, Leads, and Sales, Right?

Okay, Here You Have Got to Be Smart.

You, Will, Create and Publish an Informative Blog Post About a Given Topic on Your Site.

and Write and Publish a Mini Version of That on Medium. and Add Something Like: "If You Want More Details About This, Click Here" at the End of Your Medium Post. Then Attach a Hyperlink to Your Informative Blog Post.

That Way, You're Not Going to Make Your Website or Blog Moderate or Subset and Ethically Drive Free Website Traffic.

Join me on Medium

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I Know You Ought to Feel I Already Knew This. and This Is Absolutely True! Groups on Facebook Are Not a New Thing, They Have Been Around for Years.

Still, Here's Something Different.

Recently, Facebook Is Working Very Hard on Facebook Groups. and the Facebook Groups Will Be the Top Priorities for Them Even in the Coming Years. That's Why You'll See Facebook Group Updates Everywhere in Your News Feed, Notifications, Etc.

in fact, the Facebook App Currently Has a Dedicated Group Tab.

in Other Words, Never Before Have Facebook Groups Been So Involved.

So What Does This Mean?

This Means That If You Build a Targeted Audience Around Your Website Niche or the Products and Services You Sell, You Can Easily Get Free Targeted Traffic Generated in Easy Way. Right?

So This Year, or Even Next Year, Facebook Groups Could Be a Great Source for Free Website Traffic.

and What's More, Exciting Is: You Don't Even Need to Build Your Own Group.

You Can Also Use Other Groups to Get Free Traffic on Your Website.

Let's Join us GoBloggingZ Private Group.

Quora : Gain and share knowledge

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Quora Is the Next Powerful Traffic Source to Get Free Targeted Traffic on Your Website.
in Case You Don’t Know, Quora Is a Question-Answer Community Where People Ask Questions and Get Answers to Their Questions.

It Is One of the Top 250 Websites Worldwide, According to Alexa's Traffic Stats.

If You're Searching for Something, There's Hardly Any Search Query You Won't Find Quora in the Top 10 Search Results For.

as a Consequence, Quora Is Receiving Trillions of Free Website Traffic from Google Itself. and Then, There Are Also Other Search Engines.

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So What Does This Mean?

This Ensures That You Can Use This Free Source of the Traffic to Get Additional Traffic to Your Website. and Even If You Get a Very Small Percentage of Traffic from This Amazing Source of Traffic, That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Business

So How Would You Be Getting Quora Free Website Traffic?

Just Create a Free Quora Account, Then Fill Out Your Profile and Start Answering.

You Will Search for Questions About the Issue You Are Fixing, the Skills You Have or Even the Products or Services You Are Providing.

Respond to the Question Then and Leave a Meaningful Answer to Help Users.

You May Smartly Add a Link to Your Website When Writing the Answer and Promote Your Stuff as well.

So That's How You Can Use Quora as a Free Source of the Traffic to Get Free Traffic to Your Blog or Website.

My Quora Account

Pinterest - Discover idea

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Last but Not Least, Pinterest Is the Fastest Source of get targeted traffic for free.

Pinterest Is Basically a Website for Image Sharing, Where You Can Create Pinboards and Pin Images.

Also, They Recently Added the Video Upload Feature for a Limited Group of Top Creators.

for Free Website Traffic, You Can Simply Upload the Images and Link Them to Your Website.

Pinterest Has Been One of the Top Referral Traffic Sources for My Website and Pinterest Images Get a Good Share of Impressions and Clicks.

Below Report you can see that Traffic per Months on Pinterest.

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and What's More Funny Is: I Usually Spend Just 2 to 3 Minutes Adding Pins to Pinterest, Which Brings About 10,000 Impressions and Visits to Me.

Pintrest Profile pradip nalwaya
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So How Do You Get the Daily Pinterest Website Traffic?

As Mentioned at the Start of the Post, Here's the Answer:

First of All Open Google Chrome and Check for Pinterest Save Button. to Download and Install This Free Chrome Plugin into Your Browser, Click Here.

Pinterest save button
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Essentially, What This Does Is: It Makes It Very Easy to Add Photos to Your Pinterest Profile and Boards. and Within a Few Clicks, You Can Share Images That You Wanted to Pin in on Pinterest.

So Whenever You Write Some Image Blog Post, Just Hover Over the Pic, and Press the Pin Button to Add It to Your Pinterest Boards.

Do This Once and Then Forget.

for Years to Come, That Will Carry Free Website Traffic to Your Page.

Wasn't That Hackneyed?

Okay, These Are the Top Proven Methods to Get Totally Free Targeted Traffic.

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Final Word: free website traffic generator

The Question of the Day: Which Is the Best Source of Traffic That You Will Use for Free Traffic on the Website?

Let Me Know What You Think,  in the Comments Below

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how to get targeted traffic for free
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  1. Well explained, Pradip!

    Getting traffic through seo is the best way that drives laser targeted qualified visitors to your blog.


    it takes enough amount time so we need to leverage these methods. And also we should diversify our traffic sources.

    In Fact, Quora is my favorite & Pinterest can also be a traffic machine if used in a right way.

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