50+ The most important WordPress plugins You Actually Need

One of the great benefits of having a self-hosted WordPress (WordPressp.org) site is that it is able to access more than 60,000+ plugins in the WordPress Plugins Directory and there are hundreds of more premium plugins available on the web.

Plugins allow you to easily add additional functionality to your blog without manually coding. Here are some recommendations for free and premium plugins that you should consider installing on your blog.

There are 50+ Most Important WordPress plugins in 10 different categories, so you have everything you need to manage, enhance, and develop your site.

Important to note

I want to note that the only plugins that really “Must have” are the ones that you really want. Don’t overdo your site with unnecessary plugins as this can slow down your site.

Try to keep the number of plugins installed to a minimum, considering what is really needed for your site. Having too many poorly coded plugins will have a negative impact on your speed and security. Keep this in mind when installing!

When choosing a plugin to install, take a look at the number of downloads, plugin ratings and reviews, the support provided, and the author’s reliability. Keep all plugins up to date and if you’re not using a plugin, it’s best to deactivate and delete them.

Also, be extra careful when installing plugins that are out of date and will no longer support or update. This can cause security issues.


  • Wordfence Security [Free/Paid]

Wordfence allows you to scan your site, implement firewalls, block IP addresses,
monitor hack attempts, protect against brute force attacks, and enable Two-Factor

  • iThemes Security [Free/Paid]

iThemes has a one-click setup to fix common security holes. You can also schedule
malware scans, enable two-factor authentication, protect brute force protection and

  • Sucuri [Free/Paid]

Sucuri will monitor all security-related events, scan for malware, harden your security, give you action steps for a post-hack, and more.

  • Akismet [Free/Paid]

Akismet is the most popular spam plugin out there, it checks your comments and
contact form submissions against their global database and marks suspicious content as spam

  • Limit Login Attempts Reloaded [Free]

Limits the number of allowed login attempts to your site, with anything over this limit getting blocked for a set time period. This helps prevent a brute-force attack.


  • WP Super Cache [Paid]

This plugin delivers static cached files to the majority of your visitors, which improves the performance of your site by reducing the loading time and server resources used.

  • WP Rocket [Paid]

Another caching plugin where you can enable lazy loading, minification of HTML/JS, defer JS loading, Integrate with CDN, optimize your database and Google fonts

  • WP-Optimize [Free/Paid]

Optimizes your site’s database tables and deletes old post revisions to help with your site’s page load speed.

  • Autoptimize [Free/Paid]

You can minify and cache your files, defer scripts to your footer, enable lazy-load on images, optimize Google fonts, and more to help speed up your site.

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  • WooCommerce [Free/Paid]

One of the most used eCommerce plugins available on WordPress. It adds eCommerce functionality to your site, allowing you to sell physical or digital products, services, subscriptions and more.

  • Easy Digital Downloads [Free/Paid]

A free easy-to-use plugin that adds eCommerce functionality to your site allowing you to easily sell digital-only downloads through WordPress.

  • AutomateWoo [Paid]

Connects with WooCommerce and your marketing tool (Mailchimp) to sync extra details to your mailing lists in order to send follow-up emails, abandoned cart emails, card expiry notifications, subscription renewals, and more.

  • AffiliateWP [Paid]

AffiliateWP allows you to setup users as affiliates so they can earn a commission to promote your business.


  • BBPress [Free]

Adds a forum to your site where users can discuss different topics.

  • BuddyPress [Free]

BuddyPress can help you add a forum to your WordPress site and help you create an online community.

  • LearnDash [Paid]

LearnDash is a learning management system (LMS) for creating and selling online

  • LifterLMS [Free/Paid]

LifterLMS is a learning management system (LMS) allowing you to create, sell and
protect online courses and training based membership websites.

  • MemberPress [Paid]

MemberPress allows you to create a membership site where readers pay to access
exclusive content, downloads or paid products. You can restrict access to pages, posts, custom post types, categories and so on. It integrates with BBPress and other forum
options so you can password-protect your forums. You can also drop content, give
coupons, manage subscriptions and more.

Ultimate Membership Pro gives you the ability to create multi-level membership options with recurring payments and social logins. You can restrict posts, pages, and custom post types on your site, offer couples and trials, drop content, verify the email address, and more.

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  • OptinMonster [Paid]

OptinMonster is a lead-generation tool, which lets you create opt-in forms to help you turn more of your website visitors into email subscribers.

  • SumoMe [Free/Paid]

Easy to use form builder with embedded or pop-up forms to help you grow your email list. They both integrate with popular email platforms like MailChimp, are customizable, and allow for A/B testing.

Build Your Mailing List Faster than Ever Before with This All-In-One WP Plugin. Inline forms, 2-step opt-ins, screen-fillers, scroll mats – we’ve got them all! Design & Deploy.

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  • Rank Math [Free/Paid]

Checks how well your content is optimised for search engines and gives you some
guidelines for improving your SEO.

  • AMP [Free]

This adds Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP Project) functionality to your WordPress site, making it faster for mobile visitors.


  • Social Sharing for WordPress by Social Snap [Free/Paid]

Add customizable social share buttons to encourage social sharing either before or after your post content, both or have floating icons that are visible to your readers while reading your posts. You can also enable OpenGraph tags for social media platforms like Twitter Cards, Pinterest Rich Pins, etc.

  • Social Warfare [Free/Paid]

Add social media icons to your site to let users easily share your content on social media. You can choose to display them above your post, below your post, or both. You can also add them manually to your site or have floating share buttons so your visitors can always access them.

  • Better Click To Tweet [Free]

Allows you to easily create “click to tweet” content for your readers to encourage sharing on social media.


  • CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes [Free]

This allows you to activate and customize maintenance, coming soon/under construction or landing page. Very useful if you’re still working on your site and don’t want it to be live yet.

  • Seedprod Coming Soon [Free/Paid]

Allows you to put your site in maintenance mode and add a custom “coming soon” page, excellent if you’re making some changes, doing design updates, and planning a launch/re-launch.

  • Regenerate Thumbnails [Free]

If you’ve recently changed the theme, this plugin will be your saving grace. You can regenerate your thumbnails for images on all posts and pages.

  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) [Free]

This handy tool created a performance report for your site and lets you see which plugins are slowing it down. Please note that this plugin has not been updated in a while so use with caution.

  • Broken Link Checker [Free]

A broken (or dead) link is one that directs visitors to a page, post, or file that no longer exists. This plugin monitors your site to alert you when there’s a broken link so you can fix them which improves the user experience of your site.


  • Advanced Custom Fields [Free/Paid]

Allows you to easily create custom fields for posts and pages, including text, images, files, links, checkboxes, radio buttons, date picker, repeater fields, flexible content, and galleries.

  • WP Mail SMTP [Free/Paid]

If you’re having issues with WordPress not sending emails (like alerts, or WooCommerce notifications, etc.) then this will fix it. It reconfigures WordPress to use a proper SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) provider, which helps deliver your emails and avoid spam lists.

  • Pods [Free]

An easy to use interface for creating custom post types and taxonomies, with a wide choice of custom fields that are added to your post editor.

  • Really Simple SSL [Free/Paid]

Have an SSL Certificate and want to switch to HTTPS but not sure what to do next? This plugin will look after everything for you.

  • Redirection [Free]

Have a lot of 404 errors from changing your post URLs? This plugin will let you manage 301 redirects and even have automated monitoring to create a redirect if you’ve changed the post slug.

  • Query Monitor [Free]

This helps you track down bottlenecks in your WordPress site’s database. You can see all database queries performed on the current request, slow queries, duplicate queries, and queries with errors.


  • UpDraft Plus [Free/Paid], VaultPress [Paid], or Backup Buddy [Paid

If you’re going to choose one plugin from this list to install straight away, make it one of these. These plugins will automatically backup your site with a very useful restore tool in case anything does go wrong. You can also clone and migrate your site easily to another domain or web host.

  • Duplicator [Free/Paid]

Clone, backup, move, and transfer an entire site from one location to another.

  • Gravity Forms

The premium plugin allows you to build ‘drag and drop’ contact forms with a number of different options including conditional logic (show or hide fields based on user selection).

  • Complianz [Free/Paid]

Configure your Cookie Notice, Cookie Consent, and Cookie Policy. Periodical Cookie Scan for changes in Cookies, Plugins, and 3rd Party services.

  • Cookiebot [Free/Paid]

Automatically generated and updated cookie policy and cookie declaration, with purpose descriptions and categorization of your cookies. Allows you to scan your site to detect all first and third-party cookies.

  • Envira Gallery [Free/Paid]

Add a responsive gallery to your site letting readers look through multiple photos and videos. It is easy to set up with a drag and drop builder and pre-built templates.

  • Smart Slider 3 [Free/Paid]

Allows you to create responsive sliders using a builder interface and place them anywhere on your WordPress site.

  • Soliloquy [Free/Paid]

Really popular premium plugin for adding responsive dynamic sliders to your blog with an easy drag and drop builder.

  • MetaSlider [Free/Paid]

Popular plugin allowing you to add sliders to your site, with different slideshow types. You can also search and download images from Unsplash to use within your slider.

  • Editorial Calendar [Free]

Allows you to see all blog posts in a calendar format which makes organizing and planning posts really easy.

  • UberMenu [Paid]

Highly customizable, responsive, a mobile-friendly premium plugin that adds a mega menu to your site. Add images, tabbed sub-menu items, multiple columns, contact forms, and widgets to your navigation menu.

Final Word: Most important WordPress plugins

So this is the Best Important WordPress Plugin that is required for every blogger. Whether you are a new blogger or a professional blogger.

I have shared all the important plugin and future I’ll be updating so keep Bookmark this page for future reference.

I hope you use all these plugins and tools to take your blog to the next level.

In this article, I try to cover all the important things about what bloggers must have WordPress plugins but I’m sure I missed something.

Which plugin do you suggest to new plugin bloggers?

Please let me know in the comments below …

And don’t forget to share this article on Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

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The Most Important WordPress Plugins You Actually Need
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