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​Do you want to start a WordPress blog in the proper way?

We know that starting a blog can be a frightening thought, especially if you're not a geek.

We've decided to create the most detailed guide on how to start a WordPress blog without any technical skills.

The process is easy to follow, whether you're 18 or 50 years old. However, if you need help, I'm going to help you set up your blog. Contact Me

​So, first of all, I talk about Mindset. This has not been said in anyone's blog. All these things tell you people in a paid blogging course. 

But it is important for me to tell my reader first, which is very important.

Mind Set  [ The Key of Success ]

It is important to know before starting any business. Which is the mindset? that is more important.

And let me tell you that blogging is no longer just a part-time job, it is now a business. Yes! In this way, ​you will be able to make money online through blogging.

  • Why Blogging? How much can you Earn?

This question needs to be understood first.

I'm not going to go into the depths of the blogging world and word, nor will I write any history lecture here.

Simply, What you like, what you understand. you keep getting ideas about that. you are able to do that work without laziness. That is the only thing you have to write on the Internet, So this is what you have to find before starting blogging.

For Example, first people used to write Shayari and story in their diary, and share it with their loved ones.

This is the same thing that you have found for writing on the INTERNET which is a blog.​

What I mean here is not that you become a writer and write poems. If you can write, there is no problem with it.

You can Make Money Blogging on any topic and category you like; Games, Health, Investing, Real Estate, Travel, blogging, How-To-Guides, Sports, technology, and More ... 

In this post, I will tell you that  How to find the Make Money Blogging topic.

Because not everyone can write poetry. Such as William Shakespeare, Pablo Neruda, Javed Akhtar, Harivansh Rai Bachchan. It is all about Talent, interest, enthusiasm.

Whatever your blog is or will make ahead. Find your Favorite Topic( Topic must be Interest-based )and Write it. And Convert your Passion into Profit.

Convert your Passion into Profit #blogging #makemoneyonline 

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  • The Question is How much you can Earn from Blogging.

Most of the Successful blogger are said that the answer is,  Sky's the Limit. And it’s 101% true.

If you want to know, you can Google it, but you will not get anything because Those who found it because of their hard work and patience. 

If the people who are earning millions of dollars are also human-like you, if that person can do it then why you NOT?

Ask yourself the same thing over here, Do you have passion? Do you have patience? Are you able to write quality original content? Are people getting help from your content?

If you answer YES! to all this, then no one can stop you from moving forward. And Still, you are not moving forward, Then your answer is wrong!.

So here, I want to tell you that if you want to do blogging, do not take Mindset after seeing someone.

Yes right, you get inspiration to see someone's earnings report. But the earnings report which you will see or have seen, behind it is a lot of greatness, endurance, passion which does not People look.

After seeing that all, you start your blog and what happens?

There is no post rank in Google nor earning and the blog failed.

Hence Mindset is important. This will prepare you mentally, help your Topic/Niche to move forward and learn new things to write content. 

So That’s it. You will now Understand that, Why Mindset is it Important.

What is the Requirement for ​Start a WordPress Blog?

So if you have created your mindset, let's move on to ​​Create a WordPress Blog From Scratch.

​So, first of all, you need some tools to build your WordPress Blog. It's not possible to create something that can give you money without tools. Right?

So here is the Checklist for Requirement of Setup blog.

  • Niche/Topic
  • Domain
  • Powerful Hosting
  • WordPress Themes & WordPress Plug-in
  • Quality Content
  • Promotion/Marketing
  • Targeted Traffic
  • ​How to make Money​ using your Blog

So here is ​The 7 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Start A WordPress Blog. I will discuss this in detail in this post, so you should read it with patience.

Choose a Money Making Topic/Niche

Like what I just told during Mindset, the same thing has to be applied here.

Get Your Free eBook

I’ve to Provide this Free of cost “5 Secret of Finding Niche” eBook. for only Helping purpose please don’t share it with others.

Important Note: Please read the eBook Before you go Ahead.

Nevertheless, I will ask you 3 questions, which will help you to find your topic easily:

  1. What the heck are you looking for in your free time? When you don't do anything.

  2. What kind of subjects do you like to know about? What are your favorite books you want to read? Are you subscribing to a particular magazine?

  3. What kind of work is it when your friend, family special calls you?

So I assume that you must have got your interest-based topic for your blog.

In another thing, I would like to remind you here that do not rush, be patient, take time and think.

Now, Question is that your topic is Money Making?(Make Money Blogging)

I would like to share a website with you here that will help you in finding the final money making topic. DMOZ - The Directory of the Web 

In That Website, you will get Core Market Topic with his Sub-topic and plus their sub-topic. So Go there and spend a little bit of time there.

What has to do on that website, Find your Favorite topic. because there is lot’s of Categories already on the web, Already people working on it. So you are not only alone for that. 

And remember one thing. Every human being in the world is a unique Mind. So if Already have it all on the Web, how am I going to rank in Google? How can I make some money? 

Don't think about it. You are unique that’s it. 

So now, I’m Sure After Reading an eBook you will Easily Decide your Topic for your blog and using that Dmoz Website You must have been sure That you can Make Money Blogging with your chosen topic.


Now Let’s Move on to the Next Step.

Which Platform is The Best for Blogging?

On the web, several platforms are available for creating blogs. Some are free and some are paid.

But as you know very well, free things can never be worth it. When it comes to Make Money Blogging.

If talking about the free platform for blogging, then, first of all, the same platform comes in the mind of every blogger and that is and Others like,, Tumblr, Medium, Squarespace, Wix, Ghost, etc...

I even created my first blog in 2013 on the Blogger platform. The name of it’s techowinfo. It’s a tech(Topic/Niche) blog. 

wordpress .com

But over the time we choose the best.

I have chosen the WordPress platform which is currently highly recommended for blogs. The top bloggers also recommend the WordPress platform (Self Hosted).

Don't get caught up in vs research. I'm going to tell you in a Quick Guides.

  • The whole control is going to be yours. Which theme you need to use, which plugin you need to add, which plugin you'll be able to remove by yourself.
  • Self Hosted blog. All data in your own Server.
  • Work Like a King. it’s All up to you
  • It’s like a blogger where you can start your blog for free. There will be limited features of those, whose help will not make money.
  • It’s Hosted by WordPress.Com. You can’t access the server.
  • Work with Limitation

So everyone here would like to become king. And why don't you get the benefits that are available, after all, you have to Make Money Blogging.

“To attract the money you need to focus on assets”.

So finally After making a Decision of the Self-Hosed WordPress Platform we go to the Next Step.

Choose Topic related domains

Find The Domain With Your Topic Related. must try the niche keyword set in the domain. 

For Example, I have this blog { GoBloggingZ }, it's about blogging. That's why blogging is my keyword. Okay. So I got the domain before I buy it.

I've been searching for my keyword and which domain is available in which my keyword is also placed.

I'll tell you the formula on how to search the domain whether it's available or not, and it suits my style that you'll get the answer from both of them in one.

So here it is instantdomainsearch. With its help, you can easily find domains with keywords. I have proved it in the image below.


You will find domains in different categories, expire domains, old domains that someone else wants to sell. And domains that no one has bought to date.

All you have to do is search the domain from this website and see if the domain is available or not. Do not buy it From there website.

The Best Place to Buy only Domain is NameChep (Here I am not referring to GoDaddy, it’s Price Cheap but only the 1st time user. They Will fully recover at renewal time.)

Note: If you haven't found the domain related to your keyword and topic, don't worry about it. There are many websites that are ranking without it. 

If found, then you will get a plus point for SEO and nothing else.

You can also buy expired domains and old domains for quick ranking in Google, T&c Apply. Buy Only When you know about all this thing. if not then Leave and Jump to our Next Step.

Choose powerful hosting

There are different types of hosting, so, first of all, understand it. You will definitely see a review of the hosting provider before the hosting purchase.

I am not going to give you a hosting review here, you can buy your choice of hosting and see a good review of it. But do take care of some details before buying.

Highly Recommended WordPress Hosting Provider from Top Pro Blogger is

But I would advise you to choose from them if you want to rank on Google and make more money.

"It is important to run fast to get First Rank into Google, and hosting is the engine that will rank your content"

Google receives over 63,000 searches per second on any given day as per SearchEngineLand.

So Speed must be Required when you think about for Make Money Blogging.

So, here I go with  SiteGround(70% OFF), if you're a beginner you've only chosen this and you already have a website, and if you want to change the hosting, choose A2Hosting(51% OFF) and for USA and UK inmotionhosting VPS(35% OFF + 90-Day Money Back Guaranteed) is the Best.

Okay! Get ready for Setup of your blog. 

I'll tell you how to move from domain to website in order to live

So here I am giving it all a step into SiteGround. If you select other hosting please refer to the youtube video as per your Hosting. 

Here we go….

  •  Buy Domain or Connect with your Hosting

Once you've visited SiteGround, all you need to do is ... there are 3 plans. There is a StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan, and a GoGeek plan is in there.

Money Making Blog

The primary difference between the 3 is that the startup package is the cheapest, but only 1 website can be created on a single hosting site. 

You can choose any one according to you but if you want to create another website in the future, then go with the GrowBig plan you can create unlimited websites on a single hosting site. 

You can also go with GoGeek, but it's going to be too expensive for you. Or if you're just a beginner then GoGeek isn't right for you, go with the GrowBig plan. So click on it to get a plan


So now you've 2 options,  you can buy a domain with hosting and 2nd thing connect your already Existing Domain here.

So After Domain, You'll need to fill in your credit / debit card info to buy domain and hosting. And you must Confirm their terms and conditions.


Apart from that, for the data center, take the data center that is closest to your target audience.

Congratulations, buddy! You successfully bought a hosting and domain for you.


Wait for a few minutes, then check your email for important account-related information.

And you're done. Boom!

WordPress Blog Setup

Next, you must go to your siteground account, Select the website option start, then click on the program you want your website to install. 

Click on your website to install the WordPress software You'll need to fill out some login details about your New website for Access.

Please choose Strong Password and Write down any safe place.

After filling all the information.

Then you have to click on the Complete button to proceed.

Now click on the Proceed button to go to the customer area and then on the menu click on my account button and click on the Installation tab.

Tap the Go to Admin Panel now to view your new blog admin dashboard


Now, after entering your login details which you choose during the installation, you can redirect to your WordPress dashboard and log in to your WordPress blog.

Choose Lightweight WordPress Themes 

Blog design is important in blogging and Lightweight WordPress Themes as well. 

I'll Recommend you with these WordPress themes: 

1.) GeneratePress WordPress theme (This blog used)

2.) Newspapers (#1 Selling Themes) (Best for Multi-Niches)

3.) Astra WordPress theme 

4.) Discounted Premium WordPress Themes 

Now you can buy WordPress themes that you like. You will get a zip file from the provider with a license.

So what you've to do is go to the themes >> Appearance theme section Click add new >> upload theme >> choose Downloaded Zip file and "" select, open and activate now.

In the zip file, you also find how to design the theme, how to apply their features. With the help of that document, you can create your good look website.

You can also use the page builder to create a website design. Just like I did in my website, in the post. Using Thrive Architect.

Now Go to the Next Step...

Some Major WordPress Plug-in

A plugin is a piece of software that includes a set of functions to add to a WordPress website. We can extend the functionality of their WordPress websites or add new features

Having the right set of plugins and tools on WordPress will help you develop your business online.

  • This plugin helps YOU optimize your content for search engines and outrank your competitors. Easy to Use.
  • After installing the plugin you have to do some setting that you can easily do by this Rank Math SEO Plugin Settings Guide

WP Rocket (Paid)

  • The best WordPress caching plugin available on the market. It allows you to instantly improve the speed and performance of your WordPress website without any technical skills.
  • WordPress plugin for caching. Improve the speed and performance of your WordPress site, but it's not as powerful or as easy.
  • Alternative of WP-Rocket.
  • Security matters greatly in all online and offline work. Wordfrence Security plugin is designed to help save your website from hacking.

Grammarly (Free)

  • Good grammar correction tool that comes with detector of plagiarism, vocabulary enhancement and more.
  • An excellent plugin built to boost the website's comment section with less spam.
  • Use the WP plugin. ShortPixel improves website performance by reducing image size. Compress your images up to 90%. No loss in quality
  • Creating beautiful, attractive and visually impressive content and layouts in WordPress. ( This website and page Build by Thrive Architect).
  • Make your mailing list faster than before using this plugin. This is the most powerful list building plugin
  • This is the highest-ranked and most successful programmed backup plugin in the world. Backup your cloud files and database backups and restore them with just one button!
  • WP Mail SMTP fix your email delivery by reconfiguring WordPress to use a proper SMTP provider when sending an email. Your mail will not go into spam.

Write your first post

Now it's time to write your first blog post and share with the world your knowledge.

For creating a blog post, you have to go: DashboardPostAdd New

After that, here you can start writing your first remarkable post.

blog post-gobloggingz

How to Make Money Blogging?

There are many ways to Make Money Blogging, but I'll give you the same tip that the way it works means people are making money out of it at present.

  • Advertising Networks

Ad networks such as Google Adsense,, Infolinks, Popads are the best way to Make Money Blogging by displaying ads on your website.

Google Adsense is the first thing on blogging if anybody earns money from a blog.

After creating Minimum 10+ blog posts, not a lot, but a bit of traffic started coming in your blog. After Submitting your blog to Google Ads for monetization.

  • Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my current favourite way to make money out of my blog, and you can also use it to Make Money Blogging. Even if your traffic is low, your affiliate can make a good income.

If you sell someone else's product on your blog and you get a commission from it. That’s Affiliate Marketing.

You're not going to believe it, but people are making a lot of money out of fast-growing Affiliate Marketing.

But now the question is, where did you find money making products? How to earn more money?

It's a simple matter to join the Affiliate network and sell a product where you'll get lots of products for sale on your blog within your niche/Topic.

I mentioned below some of the affiliate networks that you can join for free:

  1. Jvzoo
  2. ClickBank
  3. vCommission
  4. ShareAsale
  5. MaxBounty
  6. Global Amazon

Initiative to start with Affiliate Marketing Do research First and then do it.

  • Sell eBooks/ Digital Products From Your Website

You can also Create and sell eBooks on your own site for Make Money Blogging.

If you are an instructor or have teaching skills, you can sell the course online by recording a video, and only the enrolled students can view the lesson.

Just Look out this Free Stuff: PLR Products Which You Can Resell And Keep 100% Of The Profits! (Best for Startup) 

  • Sponsored Posts

Sponsorships are a great way to make money from your blog, too. I am getting tons of sponsorships for my website right now.

Sponsors will pay you a substantial amount of money based on traffic and popularity on your website.

Final Word : ​Start A WordPress Blog

I hope you enjoyed ​Start A WordPress Blog post. If you don't understand then you should read it again.

When you are stuck or have any questions about this step-by-step guide, leave a comment below and I'll help you out 🙂

If you liked this post, Please share it because I wrote this post to help you after doing a lot of research and experimenting with myself. 


Start A WordPress Blog
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